Opening Hrs - Main Studio 08.00 to 18.00 (extended hrs by prior approval)


COVID-19 – New Protocols

Stage A Studios are implementing a number of additional protocols to ensure we operate safely for staff and clients during the current COVID situation.

We monitor the current APA guidelines on the situation and will update any advice or major changes on this page; however most (if any) smaller changes will be communicated ahead of each shoot direct with the client.

The following is therefore a reflection of general guidelines and good working practice at the time of writing.


Our studio will be cleaned regularly with communal areas cleaned and sterilised at the end of every shoot day.

Stage A staff will be kept to an absolute minimum unless they are secured as crew within the booking agreement.

It is not within the guidelines for crew to wear PPE unless undertaking an action that requires them to break current distancing rules. However we would suggest clients have an adequate supply of PPE with them to cover all crew members they are responsible for, should they need it. This can be provided, if advised ahead, at a small extra cost.

Sanitiser stations are provided by and within the studio at designated points as well as in the kitchen area. Also provided are sprays and sanitising baths (for reusable water bottles) as well as wipes. Bins are provided for safe disposal of tissues and any PPE.


Even prior to the current situation we do request clients have a dedicated health & safety contact on the shoot or at least someone attending who will be responsible for those in the studio to help ensure that both client and studio practices are adhered to. If you are unable to provide this person we will happily provide, at an extra cost on the booking fees.

Crew and talent should provide emergency contacts to designated contact not only in the case of an emergency but the need to contact individuals at a later date should it be found any individual on the shoot has subsequently been diagnosed with COVID symptoms.

All persons working within the studio must keep to the current minimum distance from each other.

Please avoid bringing materials to the studio (print, paper) that could otherwise be brought in on your phone (as viruses such as this can survive for up to or more than 24 hours on such items).

Please avoid sharing equipment or personal belongings – crew are expected to touch only their designated camera set up or work station and should be responsible for the safety and sanitisation of their own items of responsibility.


We suggest that clients bring food with them or can shop daily at the supermarkets a very short walk away, should they need it. However if on set catering is required we can arrange with our current suppliers; who all have their own safety protocols in place.


All talent, crew and clients should provide their own reusable takeaway cups for hot drinks and/or a reusable bottle for water if possible.

The studio can supply sterilised water bottles (and will maintain a sterilising water bath for use during the day). Bottles or cups must be clearly labelled with crew names and labels can be made available for items brought into the studio.

A fresh / chilled water station is available for use and dispenser buttons should be sterilised with the available wipes after each use.

All non-disposable mugs / cups will be put through either a sterilising bath for the required time or a hot dishwasher cycle before being made available again.


All our visitors must wash their hands after their visit using the soap and paper towel dispensers provided. They must also sanitise their hands at the sanitisation stations when back in the studio area.